The story of the creation of humanity across a magical but life-threatening journey of a 7-year-old boy and his superstar mother, through an incredible world, that is much more than you could ever imagine, where the stake is our ascension or total annihilation.


Epic, Fantasy, Adventure




”… The history of Humanity
didn’t start the way everybody knows.
And you are not,
what you believe you are.
The day will come soon, when everything
that you thought about your world
is going to be revealed, … it’s just an illusion…” Santa


After hundreds of years, the bloodthirsty giant goblin Norph and his army finally free their dreaded lord, the immortal ice-wearing Prince, who ruled the ancient world. This is because an ancient power has returned in a 7-year-old boy, Benji. The Prince wants this power at all costs. Hugmee and some other elves immediately rush to rescue the child. Drifting through dimensional gates, they flee from different parts of the world from goblins and cops, while Santa - whose real mission is to lift humanity - tries but fails to save Stella, Benji's mother (who is the biggest pop star in the world), from the Prince. After Santa's fall, the weak little boy suddenly finds himself facing a power against which he has almost no chance. And not only is his own and his mother's life at stake: the fate of the whole world is in his hands…


The beautiful, warmhearted Stella McGreen is the greatest pop star ever. Her effect on the world is inexplicable. But Stella is exhausted and lonely. Her only wish is to be with her 7 year-old son Benji, who's brought up by Stella's parents in her absence. She decides to retire.

Benji's classmates lure him to the warehouse of Mr. Simpkins' Toy Store, where they discover a hidden, ancient door that should never have been opened. The kids escape. Norph and his bloodthirsty, shapeshifting, giant goblin army emerge from another dimension.

At this moment Stella's plane crashes in the snowy mountains of Iceland. While the whole world mourns, Benji feels his mother is alive. The elves of SantaLand save Stella and her manager. They take them to SantaLand in an invisible train. After a magical day with Santa, they witness immediate creation by thought. Stella's soul is released. She feels she's found home. But she's worried about Benji.

Under the veil of night the Council of SantaLand gathers in Santa's castle. They know Stella has received the ancient power, believed to be lost, and suspect great danger is imminent. Meanwhile, Norph and his team break into SantaLand. They secretly free the dreaded, immortal Prince, who revives in an ice body.

Santa reveals some secrets to Stella: the world doesn't work the way we all believe. SantaLand's mission is much more than making presents. The power in Stella will change the future of humanity.

In old archives Hugmee and some elves realize Stella's power is fueled by her son Benji. He's the force carrier, so he's in mortal danger. They learn that the Prince has returned and plans to release the Dark Queen from the shadow world to conquer humanity together. To do so he needs both the Stella's and Benji's strength.

In one thread the four elves - losing their abilities and equipment, drifting through dimensional gates - hurry to save the boy, still weak, from Norph, the goblins, and the N.Y.P.D. In the other thread Santa tries to hide Stella, unsuccessfully. The Prince kidnaps her. Santa faces a dilemma: to save Stella or Benji? He can't lose another child! Yet he feels he must rescue Stella.

In a cave, under an old church in the desert, Benji finds the Golden Crystal that disappeared when Atlantis was destroyed 12,000 years ago. It alone can stop the Prince. Meanwhile, Santa loses the fight against the Prince on a snowy hillside, because he believes Benji and Hugmee have fallen from the Empire State Building. The Prince freezes Santa in ice and invades SantaLand with an army of thousands of goblins.

Benji, Hugmee and the team return to SantaLand to save Stella, Santa and the city. The little child faces the biggest challenge of his life. He prepares for a life-and-death battle against a force in which neither he, nor his new deathless friends, have a fighting chance. But then the ancient force finally shows itself...