The Butterfly
Never Dies


The arrogant son of a senator falls madly in love with a warm-hearted, poor girl, after he killed her whole family in a DUI induced car accident. The girl has one chance for revenge, if she gets together with the boy.


Drama, Love Drama, Thriller




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The life of JESS, the 18-year-old innocent beauty, is totally broken down, when the drunk and drugged, arrogant PAT kills her family in a brutal car accident. The Senator father of the boy is covering up the matter in court with corruption, bullying and blackmail, while they completely squeezed the girl dry.

When the two young people way is cross paths with each other again, JESS puts PAT back againts the wall in front of the whole press and world, who unexpactedly acknowledges his crime and requests a retrial againts himself. The father, who’s the Governor now, is covering up the matter again, using all his contacts, regardless of his son’s statement, and he silences the girl even more. JESS breaks down again. PAT tries to redeem his sins, while he’s hopelessly falling in love with the girl,

When JESS realizes her only chance for revenge is if she gets together with the boy, she pushes down her disgust and hate. Using her attraction and sexual skills, she starts to tortment the soul of PAT in the cruellest ways. The Governor dad dosen’t look kindly upon the affair, while JESS’s sinking deeper and deeper. However, when she arrives to the deepest point, a completely staggering and unexpected new feeling overwhelms her.


The barely 18 year old, kind, innocent, warm-hearted beauty, JESSICA ROBERTSON is moving to a new small town with her family, - hoping for a new life – when her whole family dies in her arms in a brutal, horrible car accident. The accident was caused by the blackout drunk and drugged up – young, handsome, but arrogant, snobbish boy – PATRICK ROBERTSON, the son of the Senator RICHARD J. ROBERTSON. While the boy, in a state of intoxication and abject insensitivity, is only concerned about the damages to his luxury car, in the meantime, the girl’s life has collapsed.

The court hearing is surrounded by a complete lack of press interest. The Senator bribed everyone to avoid a public scandal before his election campaign for Governor. He tries to purchase the silence of JESSICA, but she doesn't care about the money, even if she winds up on the streets. She believes in justice, and that the guilty, insensitive boy should get his just punishment.

But reality is completely different. No one undertakes JESSICA’s lawsuit, and whoever is willing to help, the powers that be get rid of them immediately. JESSICA is dragged around and destroyed. She loses everything, while they smear her father's name and make the boy appear innocent.

5 years pass. JESS started a new life in Chicago. She attends University, she seemingly got over everything, but she has become closed off and quiet. But JESSICA is overcome with untapped rage, when she learns that PATRICK is about to receive the prestigious „Humanitarian Of The Year” award in the city. She gains access to the ceremony, and accuses the boy of killing her family, in front of the press and thousands of people. To everyone's shock, PAT admits his guilt and asks for a retrial against himself.

Although PAT takes responsibility for everything in court in front of the world, his father's hand as Governor has already influenced the situation. His confession is considered null and void, and they accuse the girl of libel and they drag her down even more. JESS breakdowns again.

PAT is tormented by a very strong pang of guilt. He wants to do something for the girl. Make amends for what is irreparable. So he carefully approaches JESS, who becomes extra shocked in the presence of the boy and attacks him in a frenzy. After many failed attempts, PAT steps back, while LUCKY, JESS’s best friend, insinuates to JESS that the boy has fallen in love with her.

JESS after a long period of self-flagellation, overcomes all her disgust, gets together with PAT, in order to trample his soul into the mud in the most cold, cruel way by using her beauty and every sexual wile, which leads to the both of them getting dragged on a brutal emotional rollercoaster, completely shaking them up.

The plan of JESSICA is working perfectly, but the Governor doesn’t take kindly to the affair. He does everything in his power to remove JESSICA from his son, whom he tries to keep in check as a tool for his own career. The Governor is breaking JESS down not only spiritually, but physically. She's at the end of her last rope. She decides to finally destroy PATRICK. However something has changed within her towards the boy. Every pain that she inflicts, she feels in herself, every humiliation already hurts her, every wound that she leaves on him, she feels on her own skin. But the unexpected, emotional twist is just the beginning of the final, inevitable, dramatic climax.