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I was a dreamer since my very first Cinema experience „The Wizard of Oz” (1939) when I was 5 years old. From that moment, I have been a Cine-fun. My dream and purpose is to create such magical movies, that are able to change the world. I believe that what we say to the world across the big screen, these things have an effect on the world. Sometimes it gives hope, sometimes it gives faith, sometimes it gives new toughts. On each and every frame in my movies I want to give these wonderful feelings to the audience, that I felt, when I got that magic, that the biggest filmmakers gave to me, when I saw their movies.


He has written and directed 3 Christmas streaming films in 2020 (47’ min.), 2021 (50’ min.) and 2022 (55’ min.) and he was the Producer as well. Additionally, he has written and directed dozens of bank marketing films, medical educational films, commercials and video clips. He wrote 2 dance-shows, and 2 musicals for stage. One of them is about the life of Cleopatra, the music of which (44 songs) he composed himself. Formerly, he worked as a 1AD. in a tv series and a feature film „Silent Zone”.

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